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  • Black warm tar (Poem)

    Find the wickedness
    Of your ancestors wash over the land
    Like an unclean wave of black warm tar
    Washes over a white unpainted canvas
    Or rather a pollen storm that rises from the blameless flowers
    To consume a person stricken with severe allergies

    There’s a reaper waiting for you
    To point you in the right direction
    Will you allow his wisdom to enter you?
    Or will you cast it aside, like one of your many play things?

    There are many times that you will bleed for what is right
    and be cast forth into the abyss for the truth
    But what is the alternative? Growing sickly as surely
    As the sun rises and the night befalls your pitiful life

  • Cornered in a school ( Poem)

    How disdainful, that a woman find no peace
    And how shameful, that men not show her more courtesy
    Where has chivalry gone, and the dignity of men?

    A woman cornered in a school, trying to do her job
    But denied the ability to do so, all in favor of fulfilling your selfish desires
    How dare you corner a defenseless woman, like an animal corners another

    A woman giving a lecture, as is part of her description
    Yet unable to do so, due to the unwanted advances of her pupils
    Whether on public transit, hoping to find safe passage home

    You have the usage of reason, and much more is expected of you
    How would you feel, if it was someone who you cared
    Dearly for that found themselves in that same situation?

    Can we not find more decency for other living beings
    Not just the ones we deem to be worthy of it?

  • The rain, the rain (Poem)

    I have not felt rain fall down on my skin like this in a very long time
    What a blessing it is to feel, if anything at all, than not
    How long have I kept myself away from living the little life I have left?

    There’s a warm breeze, I can almost feel it as it gently creeps up
    My tears form a nice little repose for me to rest my knees upon in prayer
    How long have I been a fool for, that I’ve kepy my sight low for allof these years?

    You there, young man, do not make the same choices that I have
    That is my refrain, my song, my truth, a life wasted is not one that is pleasing

    Honor thy father and thy mother, that is a must before the Lord
    Honor thyself with love before the mighty one, that is another
    Pour love incessantly into the creation of His hands, for it reflects well on you

    Can you, if you must, find it in your heart to forgive?
    For it will set you free to fly above the clouds and dimmer skies
    God is with you, therefore you need no other, His love is sweet and His hands gentle

  • It. Is. Beautiful. (Poem)

    Put some cheer to your heart, my dear old friend
    What does it matter if that individual
    Didn’t return your love with full bright colors?
    Or if that flower failed to open its pedals
    At just the right time of year this month?

    Is life not worthwhile just simply because it descends from God?
    What else would you be doing with your soul if you were not
    Part of this wonderful world before us?
    Would you even know what lies beyond?
    Of course, not! Don’t be silly, my malcontraption of a person

    Try to allow gratitude to find its way to your tender lips
    Even if you hearts slumbers the days away in a bitter winter
    My life has not been filled to the brim with contentment
    But here I still continue to exist… and it. Is. Beautiful.

  • My own inner world (Poem)

    Please, I beg of you, avert your eyes and do not look at me
    For I am hideous, I am beyond revolting
    As the poison seeps from my pores

    Can’t you see that I choose this clothing to hide
    All of my public curves and edges from your prying eyes
    Avert your eyes and do not meet mine, especially if I have an interest
    For I cannot bear the weight of your judgement

    My dear lady and gentleman, there is no spectacle for you
    For I am gangrenous, waiting for society to cut me from the root
    So that it may continue peacefully without this wart

    Aren’t you able to see that I have no self-esteem
    That I believe the only place for me is below the dirt
    Not even a worthy meal for the worms to ingest
    For I cannot begin to lift myself from this abyss

    My dear pedestrian, did we not just pass each other on the street a moment ago?
    I couldn’t bear to look you in the eye as it seems you couldn’t either
    Say, you don’t happen a cripplingly low sense of self worth, do you?

    I was so enthralled in my own inner world
    That I didn’t stop to notice you had one too

  • What a delight (Poem)

    Cover your ears, for one last time I tell you
    Good bye my dear, this is my final and last confession
    You are beautiful in all of your ways, simply mesmerizing
    I’ll hold you until the sun sets to confirm a new day

    Have you ever seen rain as it falls justly on a dry land?
    What about when new life springs fourth from an expectant mother?

    Well, those moments are full of miracles
    For only God knows these things
    And we are left in full awe and wonder

    What a delight to be alive

    Take sight from your eyes, even for just a moment
    Allow yourself to sit there, in the respite of silence
    You captivate me in your wonder and every awe you hold dear
    If your simplicity was a symphony my heart would be a gleeful audience

    Have you ever seen a woman who said yes for the first time to the man she loves?
    What about when a bee pollinates a beautiful flower, in search for its young?

    Well, I’m quite grateful for the life I’ve had
    Please, don’t cry my dear, for the future is uncertain
    But the joy in our moments, have stayed with me for this long

    What a delight it was to be alive

  • Oh Mother ( Poem)

    Oh mother, my dearest and deathly mother
    How sorry I am for all of your troubles
    For I know and can admit before God
    That I have caused you many of these myself

    For the late nights you waited for me to come home safely
    Or the days where the tears would flow like
    giants revealing themselves from behind the mountains
    You held me and you comforted me
    I will always be grateful to you

    The star that has guided my dark and difficult path, you have been
    The gentle words and resounding lullaby when I lay my head on a pillow
    Dreaming of fighting castles and dragons away on a far and distant land

    Oh mother, my next of kin and my surviving relative
    Forgive me all of my iniquities and vicissitudes that have befallen us
    I am the one to blame for these moments of sorrow
    And I shall take it upon myself recompense you for your sacrifice

  • To the Man (Poem)

    To the man, that has caused me immeasurable pain
    I forgive you, I hand over your soul to the One it belongs
    For it is not my place to cradle your sins or iniquities
    But to leave you in the hands of the One, who created you

    After all of this time apart, I can only hold love for you in my grieving heart
    I can not imagine the day that God calls you from this earth
    For even though you have crushed my legs under the weight of a heavy boulder,
    And therefore can not find the strength to walk, my God causes me to soar

    To the man, who gave what little patience he had for me to the wind’s whisper
    I choose to release you, I give my heart for mending to my true father
    He has known me before He made the decision to shape me into being
    But He has always had a will for you, even if you have not yet seen it

    May you live the rest of your days in His hands, for mine are too weak
    To carry the soul of someone so burdened with troubles of past forefathers
    My tears fall like God’s righteous fury upon Sodom at having to write you this
    But may His love be sufficient to carry you in times when you need it

  • Died to have accompanied you (Poem)

    Come death, let us dance together
    I wish to share this Most Sad Waltz in B minor
    I must confess, you are breath takingly beautiful
    I have never gazed upon a face, quite like yours

    Indescribable color, are your eyes
    Yet a comforting pale skin, that I know quite well
    Though you don’t speak much, I wonder why that is
    And from the looks of it, you never seem to arrive accompanied to these balls

    Oh, how I would have died to have accompanied you on this evening
    Or any evening rather, please allow me to share this moment with you

    Allow me to place my hands in yours,
    as your lips hold such a reserved blush on them
    Reminiscent of some disposition towards the living

    Now, place your hand on my hip
    Not too close to the buttock
    But then, not to share from the cliff-hanger shoulder of mine
    I want to feel safely nestled in your hands,
    Like one would with a dear pet or a delicate flower

    Please guide me through the steps, as I’m not much familiar with this dance
    But I’ve seen you participate, oh but no less than a hundred times or so

  • The little conversations (Poem)

    The little conversations of this gentle heart
    That seeks to come closer to that of yours
    For only You listen to the true cries of my heart
    However tender the moment, You always hear me as I am

    Whether in the morning, just before I prepare for the meal
    Or in the afternoon, as the lunch’s aromas before my hands
    Stir an impulse inside of me

    What a beautiful moment to share with you, My God
    The little conversation is all I ask that You hear

    In it, I seek to express my gratitude to You
    For all that You make me see and
    For all of the ways that You, and only You, provide for me

    I feel like a small and fragile bird in your hands
    In need of much love and mending, for this little heart of mine is weak
    But you smile, it has never failed to lift my wings up high

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